Same sex and gay wedding photography 


Tips to hiring a gay and same sex wedding photographer for your wedding



Posing same sex couples is not always the same as posing straight couples. Not all photographers understand how to pose same sex couples; it may not always be the same. There is training involved in posing same sex and gay couples. When we first started there were poses that just did not work on gay couples that worked on straight couples. Hiring someone who understands posing gay and same sex couples could make or break your wedding photography.


Same sex and gay couples do not always have the “normal” roles that straight couples have. It is not always black and white, female and male dominant roles, like most straight couples have. Understanding the roles that couples play is a HUGE part of posing. We learned that the hard way…but better to have learned that before photographing a couples wedding, hire a pro who understands this!


Being comfortable in front of your wedding photographer is a MUST!! We are going to ask you to touch each other and kiss one another. Feeling at ease and comfortable in front of your wedding photographer should be easy. The last thing a couple wants is to feel weird about being themselves at a photo shoot.

Same Sex and Gay friendly vendors

DePoy Studios has a list of great vendors that are same sex and gay friendly vendors who are here to help make your wedding day dreams come true. We work with the best vendors around and keep a running list of businesses, in our area and beyond, that work with same sex weddings. As we have seen, not all vendors are same sex and gay friendly and that saddens us, but we know who to send our couples to who are excited to be a part of your special day. Make sure to check out LEZBEHONEST page for the 411 on vendors and same sex wedding MYTHS!


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