Same Sex Wedding Photography

DePoy Studios has a special place in our hearts for all couples who are madly in love. Gay, straight, or any walk of life, we love ALL love! Over the past few years we have been honored to support the gay community, and we love rockin’ out at some of the best weddings with couples who are in love! We stand by our mottos, “…because TRUE love does not fit in a BOX….” and “We support love of all kinds”. LGBT wedding photography has become a huge part of our business and we love it. DePoy Studios has worked hard to specialize as same sex wedding photographers, and we offer all wedding communities the very best in engagement and wedding photography. 

If you are a same sex couple PLEASE keep in mind you should hire a wedding photographer who specializes in same sex wedding photography; not necessarily a LGBTQ photographer. Photographing same sex couples is not the same as photographing straight couples. It can be hard for newbie photographers to really understand the dynamics of your relationship and capture the images you are longing for. Trust me, I was not a pro at first. With years of experience being a same sex wedding photographers, DePoy Studios is the “go-to” same sex wedding photographer in the Valley of the Sun.

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