SoHo63 is a premier Chandler wedding venue in the heart of downtown Chandler. SoHo63 is right across the street from DePoy Studios and we just love this wedding venue!! SoHo63 is the most sought after wedding venues in downtown Chandler. SoHo63 has a Urban, Bold, and Contemporary feel to it that couples fall is love with! It is like a blank canvas for an artiest to create the most amazing wedding!

As Chandler wedding photographers, we love SoHo63 and the team who runs it. They bring a fun, bold, and professional experience to each event.

When considering what Chandler wedding venue you will choose for your big day, here are some things to think about.


The team at SoHo63 has been trained by some of the industries best planners; what more could a couple ask for? The team is made up of amazing ladies, who are passionate about their jobs. They customer service and price point is right on the money for most couples.

Photography Opportunity

The downtown Chandler area has a lot to offer when it comes to wedding photography. Not only is SoHo63 a great location to photograph your wedding, but the area it is in is ideal for wedding photography.

Sleeping Accommodations

With the hotel Crowne Plaza Resort San Marcos in walking, or stumbling, distance your out of town guests can walk, stumbler, or crawl back to their room after a wedding to remember!! Wake up in the morning and think, “BEST WEDDING EVER!!!”

SoHo63 welcomes all couples and their love story, because love does not fit in a box, this wedding venue might be your perfect fit for your Chandler wedding.

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When it comes to Weddings, DePoy Studios know how to rock it!

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Make sure to join us on Wednesday January 14, 2015 for the Untypical Open House!!

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SoHo63 and DePoy Studios


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