• What makes DePoy Studios photography different from all the other wedding photographers?

    One of the biggest things that makes us different is us…lol. Sounds odd right, but liking your wedding photographer is one of the key things to getting great images. A BIG reason why you should not hire a wedding photography company that does not allow you to meet the actual photographer who will be doing your wedding, is you could hate the photographer once they get to your wedding!!!!

    Another thing is POSING!!! Understanding posing is huge. I, Cristina, have worked with wedding photographers in the Phoenix area and see that they are not guiding their couples on how to pose! The couples look lost and they should not be. Most people have NO clue how to pose: hold their body weight, heads, hands, hips……Let us show you how to look your best!

    Lighting….OMG!! If your photographer does not understand lighting then you will be in a WORLD of hurt on your wedding day. Understanding how lighting and cameras work together takes years of practice and we have it! We are educated in photography and lighting. We did not just pick up a camera and say: let’s be wedding photographers!

  • Do you photograph weddings and engagements outside of the Phoenix and Arizona area?

    Of course!! We love to travel and shoot destination weddings and engagements all over the world. The question is where are you taking us?? We book our own hotel and car rentals, when needed, once the cost is approved by you. We ask you to book a room at the same location your guests will be staying, or even better where you are staying, and all travel expenses are included in your contract investment.

  • What is your style?

    Our style is said to be unique and creative; documentary like. We photograph the day as it unfolds and try not to change the moments as they happen. We shoot with an artistic flair for those stunning wall art displays. We do go hands on when it comes to posing for the creative sessions with couples; posing is really what helps create a great image. Trying to find the right backgrounds, lights, and angles adds to an image.

  • Is DePoy Studios a legit business?

    Yes! We are an LLC and it is a good thing to ask this question of your wedding photographer. This means that you are working with someone who understands what it takes to have and run a business. There is more to a wedding photographer than just taking great pictures. We also hold an insurance policy of $1 million! Why is this important you might ask? Some venues require vendors to have insurance policies to work on their property.

  • How many images do you take at a wedding?

    This is always a fun one! If your reception is killer, it could be over 4,000 images at an 8-hour wedding, this is with two photographers. We highly recommend two wedding photographers at all weddings. There are only so many moments one photographer can capture. On an 8-hour collection, a couple will receive approximately 500 images from their day.

  • What’s in your bag?

    We shoot with high-end Nikon and Canon digital cameras. You get the best of both worlds with DePoy Studios…lol. We always carry two camera bodies and tons of great lenses are always in our bags. We also have full lighting kits that we use at every wedding.

  • Editing style, color/black and white images?

    Since we are shooting in digital and in RAW quality, color or black and white images can be done with the digital files. Because we shoot in the largest format it gives us the ability to change the color of your image to almost anything you would like! Some reception images look best in black and white because of all the colors in the image.

  • Do you shoot with flash or available light?

    Both! Each location has different lighting; this is why we come in before we are scheduled to see what the world has to offer us in terms of lighting on your big day.

  • What about group shots?

    When we sit down to plan your wedding photography, we’ll discuss all the events your wedding day will have, along with any special moments you might have in mind. We do group shots of family members before the grand entrance. However, if there are other groupings that a couple would like we are open for any shots at the reception. We try to keep the family session to a shorter time frame so we have more time with the couple. We will get tons of great images at the reception!

  • How do formals of the couple work?

    After the couple is dressed, we like to do a formal portrait of each of them before the ceremony. After the ceremony, we will slip away with our newly wedded couple for 20 to 30 minutes to make artwork that reflects the unique personality of the couple. Having an engagement session before the wedding helps us to understand each couple and their shooting style.

  • We can’t wait to hire you as our wedding photographer. How do we book DePoy Studios and what are the terms?

    First, thank you, we are going to create stunning images together! After you contact us we’ll send you a custom wedding contract. Read it all and ask any questions you may have. Once you sign and return the contract with a 25% retainer, your wedding date is locked in and the fun begins.

  • When and how can I see the final images?

    About four to six weeks after your BIG day your images will be edited and ready for viewing and we will send you a link to your viewing and downloading gallery.

For more information on DePoy Studios as your wedding photographer
reach out at info@depoystudios.com