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May 3, 2017

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Chandler SoHo63 Wedding with Jessica and James

It is alway amazing joining SoHo63 for a beautiful wedding!! We joined Jessica and James for their De Luna Wonderland wedding! What a wonderful wonderland it was. DePoy Studios captured the love of two amazing people! Every moment was a dream come true for these two love birds, and we had the honor of capturing every magical moment. DePoy Studios can not thank everyone enough for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day.

We hope you enjoy some of our favorite moments from this Chandler SoHo63 wedding ~ DePoy Studios


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Details are where we started at, and beautiful San Marcos Resort was the perfect location!

So, if your in a wheelchair for a wedding, we have to rock a wheelchair photo if you broke something before you are going to be a bridesmaid at your friends wedding. I’m not sayin’ she got drunk, tripped over her dog, all while playing Pokémon Go, with a bottle of Crown in her hand… or am I? #drunkbffs lol

Suddenly, we found out James’ has a go to move, this is it! We can say he is over the moon to marry the love of his life, and he shows it with open arms, “I love you this much baby!!”

Tears of joy ran down Jessica’s face as she looked into the eyes of the man she was soon to call her hubby!

Let us tell you what you do when you break your leg before a wedding, walk down the aisle with crutches, while your groomsmen holds your flowers!!

When a man tells you that you can sit on his bike for photos on your wedding day, you do it!! And then you ask him to get in a photo with you 😉

This is AMAZING!! I love this idea!! Jessica and James hired a pro painter to come in and paint their ceremony. It came out stunning and now they have a hand painted piece of art to display next to their wedding photos, on their walls. This guy does a fantastic job!! The business name is Live Art AZ and you can check him out HERE!! Indeed, something I would SO do!!

There is always time for a selfie on your wedding day.

We had our favorite DJ, The Beat Booth, on hand to keep the party going, and man… the dance floor stayed packed!

The party is a Chandler SoHo63 wedding, and these weddings are always rocking! We love the blue vibe for this wedding reception!

DePoy Studios loves a good sparkler exit! They come out as a stunning black and white photo!

P.S. get the long sparklers so you have time to run down twice!!

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In the end we had a blast at your wedding!! In the end, your friends and family treated us like long last old friends. We loved every laugh, smile, and tier and can’t wait to capture the next step in your love story.

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