Arizona Grand Resort Wedding

December 4, 2015

  Nadine and Mike’s Arizona Grand Resort Wedding   What a fabulous wedding! We joined Nadine and Mike at the beautiful Arizona Grand Resort for their wedding. If you missed meeting these two love birds head on over to their engagement session by clicking HERE and get to know them. If you missed their story, they met online and the rest is love! It was a perfect day for a wedding and their friends and family where there to share in the fun. It is an honor to be at a person’s wedding, and the room was filled with warmth from...

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SoHo63 Wedding Photographer

December 3, 2015

Lauren + Mark’s Phoenix Engagement Session   As one of SoHo63 preferred vendors we love it when we find couples who are perfect fits for us all, and Lauren and Mark are a great fit for both SoHo63 wedding venue and DePoy Studios. They have a fun funky style that fits right in with the fam. Mark is working hard at becoming a pro card player, and Lauren is working on becoming one hell of a designer. They both share a love for Vegas! I hear a BadAss Wedding session in Vegas coming on after the wedding. Their SoHo63 wedding...

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Phoenix Transgender wedding photographer

November 24, 2015

Kaydee and Olivia’s Noah Wedding   We first met Kaydee and Olivia from a great Wedding Planning, JoAnn, with Apropos Creations. A fantastic wedding and event planning company that is perfect for all couples! We met these two beautiful ladies in and fell in love with both of them right away. Their love for one another is undeniable and we knew that we were a great fit to capture there love story. They are the perfect match in so many ways. From how they laugh with each other to the way they complement one other. They have a amazing blended...

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Same Sex Phoenix Wedding photographers

November 20, 2015

Dalton and Kayla’s Phoenix Engagement session   As Phoenix same sex wedding photographers, we are proud sponsors of the Phoenix Pride Guide Wedding and Honeymoon Expo. This is where we first met this two crazy fun ladies, Dalton and Kayla. They are both full of life and we fell in love with them right away. These two met at work and even though Dalton says, Kayla was mean to her at first, Dalton knew she was going to be the love of her life. Sometimes things just take a little time, but as someone once said, “anything worth waiting for...

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Western Skies Golf Wedding

November 18, 2015

Western Skies Golf Wedding As Western Skies Golf Wedding photographers, DePoy Studios, loves offering all couples beautiful and unique wedding photography. The first time we met with Tasha and Jennie, we were both sick… sucks I know, but they still loved us so much they wanted to hug us both goodbye. It was as if we were all old friends that had not seen each other in years, we just clicked! We could see these two were MaDly in LoVe, and we could not help but fall in love with them and their love story. If you missed meeting these two...

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Trilogy Golf Club at Power Ranch Wedding

November 10, 2015

 Christina and Kevin’s Trilogy Golf Club at Power Ranch As Trilogy Golf Club at Power Ranch wedding photographers we could not of been more happy when Christina, her name rocks, reached out to us from Dallas. It was like this wedding was meant to be photographed by DePoy Studios. Not only does she have the coolest name ever, but we were about to head to Dallas for one of are hands-on photography workshops we do each year. It was perfect timing to meet her in person. We fell in love with her bubbly personality and great outlook on life, she made the perfect...

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Desert Botanical Garden Weddings

November 9, 2015

Bill and Betsy’s Desert Botanical Garden Wedding   As a Desert Botanical Garden wedding photographer, we loved capturing the raw and beautiful moments that happened at this great wedding venue. Bill and Betsy’s wedding was magical and truly breathtaking. The ceremony took place at during a stunning sunset in the gardens. It helped to set the stage for a very emotional moment in these two peoples’ lives. Their closest friends and family were all there to help celebrate this long awaited moment. If you missed their engagement session head on over there now and get to know these two by clicking HERE. Betsy’s energy...

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Sedona Wedding Photographers

October 20, 2015

Chelby and Alex Sedona Wedding As Sedona wedding photographers, DePoy Studios, loves photographing weddings at this great wedding venue, The Bridge at Hillside. It is a hotspot for intimate destination weddings in the Sedona area. As Sedona wedding photographers this is our fav Sedona wedding venue, and we can’t say enough great things about the venue, and the way its ran. Chelby and Alex are that couple who is modern, fun-loving, and vibrant, we just loved them. Their love for each other burns like the stars in the Sedona sky on a winter night. The warmth from their friends and family put us...

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Payson Wedding Photographer

October 6, 2015

Christine and Shel Payson Engagement   We first met Christine and Shel at a local bridal show and we knew we were a great fit for their wedding at Palm Valley Golf Club later this year! These two were a bit shy at first, but full of life! Their love for each other is beautiful! We joined them in Payson for a country style engagement session. They share a love for nature, silly moments, and Disney… we captured it all! We also got to play a little hoops before we headed up for a stunning fun filled session. They brought the couple...

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Windmill Winery Wedding Photographer

October 5, 2015

Autumn and Agustin Windmill Winery Wedding   When we first met Autumn and Agustin we knew they were the perfect fit for DePoy Studios and when they said Windmill Winery was the venue, we knew this wedding was a match made in heaven! Not only is Windmill Winery a beautiful location for a wedding, but one of our favs to photograph weddings at. If you missed getting to know this cute couple, head on over to their Sedona Red Rock 4wheeling engagement session and get to know these two 4wheeling hotties! HERE We joined Autumn and Agustin for a beautiful, fun-filled wedding with...

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